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JPY Weekly Review (Feb. 19-23)

After being the top-performing currency for two weeks straight, the yen was knocked off its pedestal since it’s now only the third best-performing currency this week (as of 9 am GMT). The yen’s still a net winner, though, so the yen’s winning streak ain’t over yet!

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NZD Weekly Review (Feb. 19-23)

The Kiwi edged out a win against the Loonie but is still the second worst-performing currency of the week (as of 8:00 am GMT). This is a reversal of fortune since the Kiwi was the second strongest currency last week.

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C$ Hits 2-Month Low As Retail Sales Fall

The Canadian dollar weakened to a two-month low against its U.S. counterpart on Thursday after a surprise drop in domestic retail sales dented prospects for further Bank of Canada interest rate hikes over the coming months.

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