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  1. Trading and working full time

    Last post by Luke_Ronchi in Beginner Questions

    202 Views / 10 Replies

  2. My Thoughts on Global Currency Market

    Last post by LauChoKun in Beginner Questions

    1,770 Views / 5 Replies

  3. Finding successful forex strategy

    Last post by FractalTraders in Trading Discussion

    1,840 Views / 29 Replies

  4. Free forex trading signals daily

    Last post by Wetalktrade in Free Forex Trading Systems

    255,513 Views / 2,230 Replies

  5. What currency pair to start with?

    Last post by Cherokee in Beginner Questions

    885 Views / 20 Replies

  6. What is your motivation?

    Last post by PanchoVilla84 in Trading Discussion

    186 Views / 3 Replies

  7. Dax30 ftse100 sp500 - market-view

    Last post by psaTrading in Stocks and Indexes

    954 Views / 36 Replies

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Trade at Your Own Risk (Tolerance)

Identifying your ideal position size is more than just following the 1%-2% rule. Here’s why risk plays a bigger role in your trading than you think.

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Trade Idea: AUD/JPY Channel Support

So I couldn’t get the ideal pullback that I wanted on AUD/JPY, but I’m seeing another chance to buy on a dip right now! Think I should jump in?

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