Our cryptocurrency glossary helps you decipher crypto jargon back into plain English. Learn the terms that you’ll come across on your crypto journey.

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A wallet is made up of a unique public address called your public key (similar to your bank account number) that you can share with the world, your friends, family, and other businesses and companies that you trust, to send and receive digital assets. A wallet also stores a private key (much like the PIN that you use to access your bank account at the ATM), which, when combined with the public key, confirms ownership of the wallet, and allows you as the wallet owner to view the digital record of your wallet transactions, and allows you to perform actions such as buying, selling, withdrawing, and swapping funds.

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Crypto tools help to transform the way you interact with the crypto markets in different ways, hopefully making you operate better. In an ecosystem that covers so many topics, it's the right...

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