DYOR is an acronym for Do Your Own Research.

DYOR is advice generally given to anyone getting involved in the cryptocurrency markets with real money, advising them to research topics on their own instead of simply believing some random Twitter account or Facebook article or YouTube influencer.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem encompasses a vast array of topics, including crypto trading (buying, selling, hodling), mining, minting NFTs, yield farming, staking, stablecoins, lending and borrowing, and a wealth of other topics, all of which can get very technical and complex the further down you dig.

DYOR is meant to keep you, and more importantly your money, safe. 

Cryptocurrencies, and topics related to cryptocurrencies, can get very technical and be complex to understand.

Cryptocurrencies design revolves around many high technical subject matters, including cryptography, encryption, computer technology, software programming, algorithms, network design, consensus mechanisms, currency exchange rates, financial investment strategies, complex mathematical calculations and the list goes on.

It’s no wonder that those eager to learn will seek other, more experienced crypto market participants, engineers, analysts, and traders to help fill in the gaps.

But many of these so-called experts are simply shills, who often have their own motives for discussing, or indirectly promoting, a certain digital asset.

Since real money is involved in investing in projects and buying actual cryptocurrencies, misinformation and scams are rampant.

It is your duty and responsibility as a member of this community to safeguard your investment funds by always doing your own research