Crypto is short for cryptocurrency, a general, all-encompassing term that can mean several different things within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, depending on the context of the discussion.

Crypto, or cryptocurrency, describes any digital form of money that uses cryptography to secure transactions, such as buying, selling, transferring, staking, and more.

The Greek dictionary definition of crypto is “hidden” or “secret” which fits perfectly with what cryptocurrencies provide in the area of anonymity and cryptographic security.

Noobs, or beginners in cryptocurrencies, would say “crypto” means something else.

Rather than say,

“Hey what kind of cryptocurrencies are you interested in?”,

many market participants and digital asset holders simply say,

“Hey, what kind of cryptos are you interested in?”

“Crypto” just rolls off the tongue easier than the longer “cryptocurrency” or “digital asset”.

Some people simply mean Crypto to stand for bitcoin (BTC), as that’s the only cryptocurrency they know anything about or have actually bought.

And it’s so much easier to type out, too!  Work smarter, not harder.