JOMO is an acronym for “joy of missing out“.

It’s a slang term that’s the opposite of the ever-popular FOMO,

JOMO describes the happiness felt by traders and investors for NOT investing in a cryptocurrency or project whose value has dropped dramatically from previously higher levels.

JOMO describes “dodging a bullet” and not contributing to another bag of worthless sh*tcoins.

Imagine hearing about the next meme coin, GermShep4Life Coin, being backed by Lassy and Elon Musk, which is hitting Coinbase today at $10 per coin.

You just dropped your last $1200 on a pair of Balmain UnicornNeoprene-leather Multicolor Sneakers and have literally $0 in your wallet.

The Coinbase listing hits, and WHAM!, GermShepCoin immediately jumps to $25, you turn away from your phone, you start crying because you missed out, but as you’re grabbing a Kleenex to blow your nose, the price falls through the floor, resting at $0.15 only minutes after hitting an ATH of $32.  Some whale just unloaded.

Your JOMO can’t be quantified right now!