The Laser Eyes meme takes shape primarily by changing your profile picture or avatar on various online accounts, including social media accounts, to include laser eyes.

Laser eyes became popular during the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market bull run of early 2021.

Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies were reaching all-time highs.

Crypto market euphoria was exploding by the seams as virtually all cryptocurrency prices were increasing, with many smashing records on their way up.

Crypto market demand was also through the roof.

The crypto community at large, and more specifically the Bitcoin community, was looking for a way to show support for their most beloved cryptocurrency as it blasted to new highs.

Several Bitcoin community members decided to add lasers beams and laser eyes to some friends’ avatars in hopes of fueling the entire crypto community to push bitcoin’s price to $100k.

Laser eyes would guide them all, a sign of enthusiasm and community bonding during the journey up to that elusive price target.

The promotion worked, as celebrities, professional sports athletes, politicians, business moguls, and CEOs all joined in on the fun.

The laser eye meme took hold, with the likes of Michael Saylor, then Chairman and CEO of Microstrategy, Elon Musk, the president of El Salvafor, NFL quarterback Tom Brady, Paris Hilton, and even U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis all updating their avatars with laser eyes.

Some participants in the market have been critical of the most recent uses of laser eyes by celebrities, due to so many being involved in promoting (or shilling!) various cryptocurrency trading platforms, projects, and personal cryptocurrency product launches.

To some, the original purpose of the meme has lost its meaning and is now being exploited for personal gain.

We’ll just say that the meme has taken on meanings only known to its user as laser eyes have hit the mainstream.

We’re fans!