Vitalik Buterin is best known for being a co-founder of Ethereum, along with co-founders  Gavin Wood, Charles Hoskinson, Anthony Di Iorio and Joseph Lubin.

Born in Russia, to a computer scientist/entrepreneur father and journalist mother, he moved to Canada when he was six years old.

Buterin came across Bitcoin in 2011.

As Bitcoin was still new, he joined the community by writing articles for crypto blogs and websites.

This eventually led to him co-founding Bitcoin Magazine in 2011, becoming its leading writer.

In 2013, Buterin first published his ideas behind Ethereum in a whitepaper, proposing that Bitcoin (BTC) lacked a scripting language for application development.

When he failed to gain support from other developers in the bitcoin community, he proposed a completely new platform with such a scripting language.

His dislike for centralized services was the driving force in creating decentralized money, along with being involved in building software and tools that would affect thousands of people around the world.

Buterin is a huge supporter of open-source software and contributes to open-source software projects.

Vitalik is also involved in other cryptocurrency projects, including Darkwallet, Bitcoin Python libraries, Egora, Zcash, Kyber network, Lighting Network and Prysmatic Labs.

You can follow Buterin’s thoughts and developments on his personal website at, which, even in 2022, he still updates regularly.