Have Fun Staying Poor is a slang catchphrase you’ll most likely encounter on Twitter, Discord, or another social media platform after you’ve sold Bitcoin or any altcoin for that matter before you should have actually sold.

It’s an insult.  You’re getting insulted for making the wrong decision or even thinking about doing something that others don’t agree with is a good idea.

Bitcoiners were thought to originate the phrase toward anyone thinking about selling Bitcoin (BTC) or to those who actually sold.

It’s a bit trash-talk, a bit “open your mind to the possibilities of XYZ”, a bit of advice that you should consider your financial situation before doing anything that will undoubtedly make you poorer than you are today if you go ahead with it, a bit pat on the back for hanging in there through all of the volatility.

Have Fun Staying Poor means many things, but in the end, it’s what you make of it.