Fat Finger or fat fingering a transaction refers to inadvertently using the wrong transaction details when buying, selling, or transferring cryptocurrency.

Examples of fat fingering come in many shapes and forms.

Some examples include;

  1. entering the wrong entry or exit price for a trade,
  2. selecting long (buy) instead of short (sell) from a trading platform,
  3. unknowingly adding or subtracting extra digits to the amount of currency you want to buy or sell,
  4. entering the wrong wallet address when transferring funds between wallets.

This can occur for a variety of reasons, such as a trader FOMOing into a trade because he’s in a hurry trying to catch a move.

But the primary reason fat fingering happens is because the user isn’t paying attention, and submits the transaction before double-checking that all of the information is correct.

Many crypto exchanges and trading apps now give users the ability to turn on and off an extra confirmation step before submitting a buy/sell/transfer order.

While it can slow down the overall process, traders can benefit by being able to review their trades and transfers before they are submitted.