BTFD (or BTD if you’re not cool) is an acronym for “Buy the F*cking Dip!”.

It refers to traders aggressively buying any asset after it’s dropped in price.

This is especially true for cryptocurrency traders.

This takes place when a currency has significantly dropped in price, with the rationale being that if you buy now, you’re getting in at a discount because the current lower price is only momentary, and the price will bounce back up, maybe to its ATH, resulting in instant gains.

Many proponents of this “strategy” also cite dollar-cost averaging, or averaging down, as a way of buying more of what you already have, but at a lower price, to bring down your net average price.

While that certainly could happen and might be advisable in an uptrend, Buying the F*cking Dip doesn’t guarantee you price gains or profits.

Traders should always manage their risk and do their own research (DYOR) on why a cryptocurrency has lost or gained in price, and where price might go in the short and long-term.

Buying just for the sake of buying at a lower price, without any other analysis or strategy, could end up with you being a bag holder.

You don’t want that!