A Buy Wall is created on a cryptocurrency exchange when a massive buy order or combination of several large buy orders that all have the same price in the order book for a specific cryptocurrency.

You normally don’t see a buy wall being created by a single trader, unless that trader is a whale.

Buy walls, then, are created by traders with money, and lots of it.

If you and I aren’t creating buys walls, who then?

Whales, a group of traders working together, automated trading bots, institutions, and hedge funds.

These groups can add and remove buy walls repeatedly, in an effort to manipulate market prices.

Buys walls are meant to control prices.

The existence of buy walls has the effect of driving prices up even before it’s filled because a cryptocurrency’s supply will go down considerably once price hits the buy wall and orders are filled.

The volume in the buy wall can drive up prices simply because it’s so large.