Hayden Adams is best known as the creator of the decentralized exchange and automated market making (AMM) protocol called Uniswap.

Uniswap is the largest AMM running on Ethereum.

Adams began his crypto career after being let go by Siemens after working one year as a computation fluid dynamics car engineer, writing Java macros, working on a 100+ node cloud cluster, and learning UNIX.

Sitting at home in his parent’s house in 2017, he learned to code smart contracts, at the direction of his close friend, Karl Floersch, who was working for the Ethereum Foundation at the time.

Floersch suggested Adams start learning JavaScript and Solidity, as those programming languages were being heavily used in developing cryptocurrencies.

Adams’ first real project became working on automated market making, which he became obsessed with.

Fast forward just a bit, Adams earned a grant of $65,000 from the Ethereum Foundation to audit his project’s code, and the rest is history.

Uniswap protocol was born.

Adams currently serves as the CEO of Uniswap Labs.