ATH is an acronym for “All-Time High“.

It’s the highest trading price a digital asset has ever reached.

It’s a common practice to keep a currency’s ATH in mind when trading, as it can represent an important price level of interest to the market.

The ATH often represents a psychological barrier for buyers, with price hitting at or near an ATH before breaking through and moving up to a new ATH.

All-Time Highs also represent price levels where potential sellers look to enter the market, hoping the ATH is seen as an area of resistance and that price will ultimately move down in the near future.

Prices hovering just below an all-time-high for long periods of time can be an indication that volume is flat or that buyers have been exhausted and sellers are ready to step in, whereas a quick and sudden spike through a recently established ATH can be a sign of extended buying.

Bitcoin reached an ATH price of $68,680 USD on Nov 09, 2021.