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Stimulus from authorities and overall dollar weakness propelled the Kiwi to positive territory last week. Can the bulls maintain their momentum with this week’s catalysts?

Here’s a list of events that might move the comdoll:

ANZ business confidence (Mar 31, 12:00 am GMT)

Market sentiment

  • Reactions to China’s manufacturing and services PMIs (Mar 31, 1:00 am GMT) can spill over to NZD’s price action
  • Global stimulus efforts and sentiments over the impact of economic shutdowns all over the world might affect demand for high-yielding comdolls this week
  • Closely watched reports like PMIs from Australia, the U.S., and the European region might also cause intraday blips or two for NZD
  • Demand for USD and speculations over Uncle Sam’s NFP release can affect dictate NZD/USD’s intraweek trends

Technical snapshot

  • NZD has gained against its fellow comdolls (AUD and CAD) in the past month
  • NZD has lost the most pips against its European counterparts (EUR and CHF)

  • NZD is still mostly bearish against most of its counterparts in the long term but is seeing green shoots against USD, CAD, AUD, and JPY with shorter-term SMAs

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