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No major releases from Japan this week, but I’ve got a list of mid-tier reports and economic catalysts you should watch if you want to trade the yen in the next few days!

Mid-tier reports

Japan’s domestic reports tend to take a backseat against larger economic themes, but they could inspire a wiggle or two across yen crosses if they come in much stronger or weaker than traders had expected.

The preliminary machine tool orders (June 11, 7:00 am GMT); core machinery orders and PPI (June 12, 12:50 pm GMT); BSI manufacturing index (June 13, 12:50 pm GMT), and revised industrial production (June 14, 5:30 am GMT) should give us clues on the health of Japan’s manufacturing industry.

Since Japan exports tons of manufacturing-related goods, traders will be watching these reports for common trends.

Overall market sentiment

What’s a week without trading the yen as a safe haven?

We saw from last week’s charts that the yen weakened against its counterparts on speculations that the Fed might ease its policies after the release of weak U.S. reports and other central banks such as the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) have acted on their dovish biases.

This week we got a bunch of top-tier reports from China including its trade balance, CPI, retail sales, industrial production, and fixed asset investment reports.

As the world’s second-largest economy and one of the bigger targets of the latest U.S.’ tariff policy changes, traders will want to know how hard the economy was hit and how much hits it can take before China’s trading partners REALLY have to worry about its weaknesses.

But wait, there’s more! Uncle Sam is also set to print top-tier releases such as the CPI and retail sales reports. If the numbers point to weaker consumer spending trends, then we just might see more traders price in easier policies from the Fed.

Make sure you stay glued to the tube so you don’t miss out on any market-moving headlines!

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