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Loonie traders have a lot going for them this week with Canada’s data releases and a bunch of brewing market themes.

Which catalysts should you keep closer tabs on?

I’ve compiled a list for ya:

Quarterly GDP (Dec 1, 1:30 pm GMT)

  • Canada’s GDP shrank by 11.5% and officially entered a recession in Q2 2020
  • The economy is expected to have jumped by 10.0% in Q3 2020 as lockdown restrictions eased
  • Annualized growth is expected to recover from -38.7% to +46.0%

Labor market numbers (Dec 4, 1:30 pm GMT)

  • Canada added a net of 83,600 jobs in October with most of the additions made in full-time jobs
  • The unemployment rate dipped from 9.0% to 8.9% for the month and marked its fifth consecutive monthly decline
  • CAD got an extra boost from the positive jobs numbers though it gave up some of its gains by the end of the day
  • Analysts see the economy adding a net of 60,000 jobs in November
  • The unemployment rate may have improved further to 8.8% for the month

Other lower-tier releases

  • Current account deficit (Nov 30, 1:30 pm GMT) could have widened in Q3 2020
  • Markit’s manufacturing PMI (Dec 2, 2:30 pm GMT) is seen dipping from 55.5 to 55.3
  • Trade deficit (Dec 4, 1:30 pm GMT) to widen to 3.5B CAD as imports outpace exports in October

OPEC meetings

  • On Monday and Tuesday, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its other oil-producing friends will decide whether they will go through with the planned output increase for three to six months starting January
  • OPEC+ members have to balance trends of the pandemic hitting fuel demand and their optimism over the vaccines available by mid-2021 when the leaders next meet
  • Word around is that Russia and a few others want to keep the output cut in place, while producers like UAE and Kazakhstan want to go ahead with production increase as scheduled

Overall CAD demand

  • Rising coronavirus cases in the U.S. is limiting Canada’s recovery prospects
  • Unless this week’s data releases surprise to the upside or downside, CAD will most likely dance to the tune of risk sentiment

Technical snapshot

  • RSI is flagging CAD’s “oversold” conditions against NZD
  • The Loonie may soon hit “overbought” status against the dollar
  • CAD/CHF, CAD/JPY EUR/CAD, and GBP/CAD are mostly in neutral territory
CAD Forex Pairs RSI from MarketMilk
CAD Forex Pairs RSI from MarketMilk
  • SMAs show CAD’s short and long-term bearish trends against AUD and NZD
  • The Loonie is seeing short and long-term bullish trends against the dollar and yen
  • We may soon see retracement or reversal opportunities on CAD/CHF and GBP/CAD
CAD Forex Pairs SMAs from MarketMilk
CAD Forex Pairs SMAs from MarketMilk
  • CAD/JPY, GBP/CAD, CAD/CHF, and USD/CAD were the four most volatile major Loonie pairs in the last month
CAD Forex Pairs Volatility from MarketMilk
CAD Forex Pairs Volatility from MarketMilk

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