Our cryptocurrency glossary helps you decipher crypto jargon back into plain English. Learn the terms that you’ll come across on your crypto journey.

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Range-Bound Market

A Range-Bound Market, also referred to as a choppy market or noisy market, is where price bounces up and down between a high price and a low price. The low price acts as support, and price just can’t seem to break through it. The high price acts as resistance, and again, price can’t seem to […]

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Blockchain technology is at the heart of most cryptocurrencies.  Distributed ledger technology has revolutionized the recording and tracking of digital assets. Blockchain networks are delivering...

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Terms that start with “N”

  1. Network

    A collection of nodes that work together to facilitate the operation of the network. A network is also a general term that describes all blockchain networks, such as the Bitcoin network or the Ethereum network.

  2. Network Fee

    A fee you pay to a blockchain network for transferring a digital asset on that network. The fees go to the miners or validators of that blockchain network who win the right or are chosen by the validation mechanism to ultimately confirm your transactions and add to the blockchain.

  3. Nocoiner

    A nocoiner, or no-coiner, is someone that doesn’t believe in the idea and value that cryptocurrencies have to offer the world. The term was originally used as a derogatory name and meant as an...

  4. Node

    Any device that participates in a blockchain network. Normally, nodes are computers or servers that provide some function to the network they’re connected to. A node’s role is dictated by the protocol of the network.

  5. Non-Custodial Wallet

    Also referred to as a self-custodial wallet, puts the responsibility of storing your wallet keys in your hands. Non-custodial wallets come in different variations, including web-based, software installed on a smartphone or computer,  a hardware device like a USB thumb drive, or even paper.

  6. Noob

    Noob, noobie, n00b,newb, or newbie all refer to someone new to crypto trading, digital currencies, or new to cryptocurrencies altogether.

  7. Not Gonna Make It (NGMI)

    Slang, describing someone missing out on profits or gains because she either doesn’t have diamond hands and is thinking about selling her bag because of a dip, or she wants to lock in profits rather than just hodling and waiting for even bigger gains.

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