The Daily, or D or 1D,  represents data from the past 24 hours plotted as a single data point.

In crypto trading, and charting specifically, the Daily is a common time frame used by traders to review a digital asset’s price movements plotted in 24-hour intervals.

Each bar, candle, or column represents price action from the last 24 hours.

If we were looking at a trading chart for the month of July, which has 31 days, we would see 31 bars or candles.

The daily chart, or just “the daily”, allows a trader to analyze the intraday price behavior, from the start to the finish of the day.

Higher time frames, such as the daily, tend to have less “chop” or “noise” than lower time frames like the 1 hour (1hr) or 30 minute (30m) time frame, giving traders more time to react to market conditions.