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There are many different styles of trading that may be used in Foreign Exchange trading. Forex styles do tend to differ from those utilized with the stock markets but it is still advised that you try out a few before settling on one as you may well discover that one style or another may be much better suited to your abilities or personality than another.

The best person to consult with regards to the differing trading styles of Forex is your Forex mentor or other foreign exchange(FX) traders you may be in contact with, as the vast majority of traders will be more than happy to pass on the tips and tricks they have learned over the years.

In addition to this, for those who are choosing to enter into the Forex world from home or via the internet only, there are many books and courses, both online and in the real world that can enable you to choose the style that works for you.

There are also a great many websites specially designed to appeal to the lone Forex trader. The majority of these contain forums and message boards where experienced currency traders and those new to the game are able to interact and swap advice on successful approaches to trading styles, as well as offer support and assistance regarding any other questions that may arise.

Types of Trading Styles
Day Trading
Discretionary Trading
Mechanical Trading
Position Trading
Swing Trading