Day Trading is the practice of buying and selling cryptocurrencies in a single day.

Day trading takes place in not just the cryptocurrency markets, but also in the forex markets and stock markets.

Day traders use intraday strategies to profit on small movements in price that happen frequently in liquid and volatile markets like the cryptocurrency market.

Day traders can be hobbyists, lone traders on their own, professional traders who work for proprietary trading desk at banks, or institutional traders.

Mobile trading apps and $0 commission trades have made stock day trading very popular.

Crypto trading is seeing some of that same popularity, especially becuase day trading can now be done from a mobile phone, with a small amount of trading capital.

Day trading cryptocurrency strategies generally revolve around scalping, range trading, bot trading or arbitrage.

Day trading, like any trading, can be high-risk due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets, so please be careful.