HLHB Trend-Catcher Q1 2012 Performance

The performance of the HLHB Trend-Catcher 3.0, in a word, was AWESOME! It garnered a grand total of 1,004 pips. For a mechanical system, I’m truly impressed! Below is a rundown of its performance for the first quarter of 2012.

Date Triggered Trades Gain/Loss
1/13/2012 HLHB Weekly Update – January 13, 2012 -2 pips
1/20/2012 HLHB Weekly Update – January 20, 2012 +376 pips
1/27/2012 HLHB Weekly Update – January 27, 2012 +118 pips
2/3/2012 HLHB Weekly Update – February 3, 2012 +30 pips
2/10/2012 HLHB Weekly Update – February 10, 2012 -132 pips
2/17/2012 HLHB Weekly Update – February 17, 2012 +200 pips
2/24/2012 HLHB Weekly Update – February 24, 2012 +50 pips
3/2/2012 HLHB Weekly Update – March 2, 2012 +146 pips
3/9/2012 HLHB Weekly Update – March 9, 2012 +233 pips
3/16/2012 HLHB Weekly Update – March 16, 2012 +151 pips
3/23/2012 HLHB Weekly Update – March 23, 2012 -92 pips
4/2/2012 HLHB Weekly Update – April 2, 2012 -74 pips
  Total +1,004 pips

Even though the system did very well, I shouldn’t let myself become lax. Mechanical systems tend to work on certain periods but fail when market conditions change. In order for the system to continue bringing in pips, I must be vigilant and tweak it when needed.

I’m also worried about the Relative Strength Index (RSI) condition. It’s almost irrelevant since it rarely filters the fakeouts. The system works because of how well the moving average crossovers complements the 50-pip trailing stop.

I would like to change it, but what indicator should I replace it with? I have tested both the Average Directional Index (ADX) and the Stochastic but both produced unfavorable results.

In any case, I am very glad that the HLHB Trend-Catcher 3.0 performed as well as it did. I’ll continue using it for the second quarter.



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  • RazorX

    Huck over 1000 pips for 3 months is very good so why even think about adding another indicator if the system already works?

    • huck

       That is true. Hmmm, well, I guess I’m just a difficult girl to please? Hah, I’m kidding!

      I’ll continue monitoring the system so I can tweak it once market conditions change and it doesn’t work anymore.

  • antorise

    hello ! yes impressed for a mechanical system, congratulations!

    you can try to replace RSI with CCI.
    in my opinion CCI indicator is much better when using the 100 and minus 100 levels crossovers. good luck

  • Johnnyfx91

    Kinda worried that the last 2 weeks of the system have shown a loss. This ‘could’ mean that the system needs tweeking in light of changing market conditions. But otherwise the 1st Q12 was awesome 😀

    • Lorenz


      all systems can (and I would say MUST, if they work) bring some losses. Personally I would tweak it only if you can prove that, on a very large period (5-10 yrs), it works globally “better”.


  • Digitalgypsy

    With those results it looks like the RSI was doing something right 😉  Maybe you could try a different setting…a slower setting. I personally use 26 as my RSI setting, but I also use it with a lot of Ichimoku stuff so maybe that’s why I find that setting useful. But try something slower and see how that goes 🙂
    Great job by the way!!!!

  • Marshall Clarke

    Have you considered using a method on the 4hr or Daily chart to determine the primary trend direction then only entering trends in this direction? This might be able to filter out some of the bad trades… 

  • Uduakomiri

    you can try to replace your RSI with MACD