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If you remember, one of the things I promised to do going into 2012 was to scrap (or at least tweak) the HLHB Trend Catcher. I noted that the Trend Catcher, while it had some nice trades, wasn’t at all filtering the fakeouts.

To find a new system, I scoured the Free Forex Trading Systems forum and one particular system caught my attention. It was one of the most profitable systems that Robopip has tested and it is very similar to the HLHB Trend Catcher. This system is none other than the Amazing Crossover System.

One issue I had with the system was that it closed positions too early. Instead of riding the trend, it would sometimes get stopped out first or take profit too soon. To fix this, I decided to change the way it handles position.

Instead of having a 20-pip stop and 100-pip target, I’ll use a 50-pip trailing stop and a 200-pip target. Hopefully, the small tweak I did would enable the system to ride the trends longer.

Alright, so how did my new (sorta), spankin’ system do this week?

EUR/USD 1-Hour Chart

Well, there were four signals that materialized. Here’s how each of them went:

1. Long at 1.2956, closed at 1.2928 (-28 pips) when a new crossover materialized.
2. Short at 1.2928, closed at 1.2937 (-9 pips) when a new crossover materialized.
3. Long at 1.2937, closed at 1.3027 (+90 pips) when a new crossover materialized.
4. Short at 1.3027, closed at 1.2827 (+200 pips). Maximum profit target was hit!

The first couple of signals turned out to be fakeouts and incurred losses. However, the last two were able to reel in pips, with the trades getting 1.8:1 and 4:1 return-on-risk ratios.

Overall, the system gave positive returns this week, so I’m happy. Let’s see if it does the same next week!

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