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Pip Diddy

London Session Forex Recap - Jan. 29, 2015

4 minutes ago | 8:21 AM | 30 January 2015

Thanks to a heavy London session forex calendar, currency price action was choppy as traders reacted to a mix of good & bad reads from the European region.

Forex Gump

3 Signs that the BOJ Might Need to Ease Again

2 hours ago | 5:56 AM | 30 January 2015

Data released from Japan this month still reflected economic weakness, hinting that the BOJ might need to ramp up its stimulus efforts once more. What could this mean for the Japanese yen's forex price action?

Hucklekiwi Pip

Forex Setup: USD/JPY's Short-Term Range

4 hours ago | 4:00 AM | 30 January 2015

Now that traders have mostly priced in the Fed and BOJ's plans, it's no surprise that USD/JPY is stuck in a range. What do you think of this forex setup?


Understanding the Basic Structure of a Forex Expert Advisor

8 hours ago | 12:06 AM | 30 January 2015

Now that we've covered how to create a basic forex expert advisor using the MQL Wizard, it's time to take things up a notch by learning how to make tweaks on the code itself.

Big Pippin

Daily Forex Chart Art - Jan. 30, 2015

12 hours ago | 8:00 PM | 29 January 2015

Let's zoom out and take a look at the potential swing setups on the longer-term charts of EUR/NZD, USD/JPY, and NZD/JPY!

Pip Surfer

Cowabunga System Daily Update: Thursday, 01/29/2015

19 hours ago | 1:17 PM | 29 January 2015

It was a good day for me as I was able to grab a cool +14 pips off of one trade. See how it all went down in today's Cowabunga Surf Report.


NZD/CAD Reversing to the Downside?

21 hours ago | 11:09 AM | 29 January 2015

With recent bearish sentiment bias revving up on the Kiwi, I thought the turn lower on NZD/CAD may be an opportunity to go with fresh forex momentum.

Happy Pip

Forex Trade Update: AUD/CAD Long-Term Reversal

1 day ago | 11:41 PM | 28 January 2015

With most central banks shifting to a more downbeat bias, I'm thinking the RBA could also take a dovish tone in their next policy statement. That's why I've decided to take this short AUD/CAD forex trade!


Long-Term Support on AUD/JPY?

2 days ago | 6:05 PM | 28 January 2015

Spotted a simple technical forex setup on AUD/JPY that plays into the longer-term trend higher and has a positive carry.

Dr. Pipslow

Is Positive Thinking Enough in Forex Trading?

2 days ago | 2:00 PM | 28 January 2015

Positive thinking alone might not be enough to translate to forex trading success. Here's why you should focus on constructive thinking instead.

Forex Ninja

SNB Shocker Aftermath on Forex Brokers and Regulations

2 days ago | 11:24 PM | 27 January 2015

Nearly a couple of weeks have passed since the SNB surprised the markets by scrapping its franc peg and causing a bit of chaos in the forex industry. How are brokers and regulatory agencies dealing with the aftermath?


Let This Week's Trades Come to You

1 week ago | 10:00 AM | 20 January 2015

In this forex video, I share the new pairs on my Radar as well as a handful of open positions.

Jack the Pipper

Oil Bounce Is Overdue. If It Bounces CAD May Be The Horse To Ride.

3 weeks ago | 10:47 PM | 7 January 2015

Just in case you’ve been stranded in outer space for the last several weeks, you probably didn’t realize the price of oil has been heading south.