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Forex Gump

Why Italy Might Be The Euro's Biggest Problem Child

3 hours ago | 4:51 AM | 20 February 2017

It seems that the euro zone's laundry list of problems just keeps getting longer, as financial and political troubles in Italy could bring much more pain to the region than Greece or France.

Pip Diddy

Asian Session Forex Recap - Feb. 20, 2017

6 hours ago | 1:35 AM | 20 February 2017

The dollar’s price action was a mixed bag of nuts, as it gained ground against low-yielders like the yen and franc, but lost pips against the comdolls and the European currencies. What’s up with that?!


Weekly Watch: Feb. 20 - 24, 2017

11 hours ago | 9:00 PM | 19 February 2017

European currencies seem to be bogged down by debt troubles, political risks, and downbeat data these days, and here are the trade setups I'm keeping my one good eye on this week. Check 'em out!

Big Pippin

Daily Chart Art - Feb. 20, 2017

12 hours ago | 8:15 PM | 19 February 2017

Welcome to a brand spankin' new trading week, forex brothas! Hit the ground running with these trend and countertrend setups on AUD/USD and EUR/JPY!

Happy Pip

Comdoll Trading Kit (Feb. 20-24, 2017): Forex Market Preview

12 hours ago | 8:00 PM | 19 February 2017

Greenback strength seems to be the main theme these days, but let's see if the comdolls can put up a fight. Here are the upcoming events and potential inflection points to watch.

Hucklekiwi Pip

HLHB System Tweak #3 Rules + USD/JPY's Charts

19 hours ago | 12:15 PM | 19 February 2017

I think I'm on to something here, forex friends! Here are rules for my third experiment, as well as USD/JPY's charts from the previous two experiments. Check it out!

Dr. Pipslow

3 Reminders Before You Set Up Your Forex Trading Station

3 days ago | 2:11 PM | 17 February 2017

Forex trading is a business and, like any other business, it needs the right set of tools in order to maximize your trading skills. Here are some tips on setting up your trading station.


Forex System Update: Inside Bar Momentum Strategy (Feb. 10-17, 2017)

3 days ago | 9:26 PM | 16 February 2017

Now that I've been forward-testing the Inside Bar Momentum Strategy for a little over a month, I decided to review the positions to see which adjustments could've improved profitability.


Forex Watchlist: AUD/NZD Testing Range Resistance

4 days ago | 6:22 PM | 16 February 2017

What's up forex fiends!? I'm not seeing any new trade ideas at the moment, but this recent move higher in AUD/NZD to previous resistance makes for an interesting short play soon.

Forex Ninja

What Politics Means for Forex Market Volatility

4 days ago | 10:28 PM | 15 February 2017

Move over economic analysis and risk sentiment! Politics has turned out to be one of the bigger drivers of forex price action lately so it's about time we take a look at how this could affect the industry.

Pip Surfer

Cowabunga System Daily Update: Wednesday, 02/15/2017

5 days ago | 12:49 PM | 15 February 2017

Although it was just a small win, I was still able to walk away with a few pips from one trade today. See how it all went down in today's Cowabunga Surf Report.


How Important is it When Correlations Disconnect?

6 days ago | 2:00 PM | 14 February 2017

Traders must consider global macro & forex stories influenced by data & politics. Seems daunting but there are signs to notice when correlations disconnect.

Jack the Pipper

The Four-Body Problem and Debt in the Year 2017

1 month ago | 12:44 PM | 13 January 2017

Different year, same problem—debt overhang! Despite the best efforts of governments and central banks we remain stuck in the same vicious feedback loop.