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After a successful second quarter, the third quarter proved to be a struggle. I ended up the big loss, as I only had 2 winning trades and a significant number of losing trades. Below is a brief rundown of all my trade ideas for Q3 2012.

Date Trades Gain/Loss
7/4/2012 GBP/USD: Trading the BOE Interest Rate Decision +0.44%
7/11/2012 USD/CHF: Upward Trend About to End? -1.00%
7/26/2012 Retracement Play on EUR/USD -1.00%
8/1/2012 GBP/USD: Will the Rising Trend Line Hold?
8/13/2012 Bearish Confluence on EUR/USD? 0.00%
8/15/2012 GBP/USD: Trading the Ascending Triangle Breakout -1.00%
8/23/2012 USD/JPY: Riding the Downtrend
8/30/2012 EUR/USD: A Pre-Jackson Hole Summit Analysis +1.53%
9/5/2012 EUR/USD: Eyeing support at the Rising Trend Line
9/21/2012 USD/CHF: Eyeing Resistance at .9300 -0.80%
9/26/2012 GBP/USD: Looking for a Better Price to Short -1.00%
Total -2.83%

What happened?

Looking back at my trades, I noticed that I fell into the same old trap I did in Q1 2012. I kept entering without confirmation and focused too much on technicals. For instance, in my first USD/CHF trade for the quarter, the trend was upwards and the sentiment was risk-averse yet I jumped in.

There were also times that I got in too late. I was forced to go with the trend even though it was extremely overextended. As a result, I ended up getting stopped out on the pullback.

All in all, it seems that I tended to focus too much on one specific thing in my trades and failed to see the bigger picture. For the coming quarter, I have four trading resolutions:

1. Always consider the macroeconomic environment
2. Wait for sufficient confirmation
3. Avoid going against the overall trend
4. Get a boyfriend

Okay, so the last one isn’t a trading resolution… but hey… you never know… It could help my trading. Right?!?

In any case, that’s it for this week. Next week, I’m going to do a review of my HLHB Trend-Catcher 3.0. Let’s see if it was profitable in Q3 or not.



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