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What a week for EUR/USD! The HLHB system only yielded 3 signals during this week but one of those signals was a ridiculous 146-pip winner. Apparently, traders really loved the Greenback at the start of the week. Long live SMAs!


# Signal Open Close Pips Notes
1 Buy 1.3763 1.3790 27 New crossover
2 Buy 1.3790 1.3745 -45 New crossover
3 Sell 1.3745 1.3599 146 End-of-week trade



The HLHB System was much busier with Cable than with EUR/USD. The real moneymaker was signal #6, which yielded 83 pips as it caught the start-of-year buying by the dollar bulls. By the end of the week the system saw a decent 32-pip gain.

# Signal Open Close Pips Notes
1 Buy 1.6492 1.6468 -24 New crossover
2 Sell 1.6468 1.6492 -24 New crossover
3 Buy 1.6492 1.6492 0 RSI was already above 50
4 Sell 1.6493 1.6493 0 RSI was already above 50
5 Buy 1.6528 1.6553 25 Trailing stop hit
6 Sell 1.6546 1.6463 83 Trailing stop hit
7 Buy 1.6458 1.6426 -32 New crossover
8 Sell 1.6426 1.6422 4 End-of-week trade

Not bad for the first week of the year, I think. I hope we continue to see gains over the next few weeks. Fingers crossed!



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