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The Japanese yen nearly takes the top spot despite spending most of the week in the red. Improving Japanese economic data and a late week turn in global risk sentiment to negative helped the yen close the week in the green before the Friday close.

Overlay of Inverted JPY Pairs: 1-Hour Forex Chart
Overlay of Inverted JPY Pairs: 1-Hour Forex Chart
JPY Weekly Performance from MarketMilk
JPY Weekly Performance from MarketMilk

Japanese Headlines and Economic data


Opening weakness in the Japanese yen was likely due to broad positive risk sentiment. This likely stemmed from a very bullish start to the week for the Chinese equity market.


Japanese average cash earnings down 2.1% vs. projected 0.9% drop

Japanese household spending sank 16.2% vs. projected 11.8% decline

Japanese leading indicators up from 77.7% to 79.3%


Coronavirus spurs Japan bank lending at record pace in June

Japan economy watchers’ sentiment logs record rise in June, jumping from 23.3 to 38.8 in June


Japanese core machinery orders rebound by 1.7% vs. expected 5.2% slide

BOJ Gov Kuroda: Economy to improve as pandemic impact subsides

Yen pushes higher against the majors during the U.S. session, likely on rising risk aversion sentiment amid refreshed concerns of how the coronavirus will impact the economy.


Japan’s wholesale price fall eases in June, weak demand clouds outlook

Japan’s economy to shrink at fastest pace in decades this fiscal year due to pandemic: Reuters poll

Thursday’s negative risk sentiment carried into the Friday Asia session as there were no major catalysts or new headlines to shift biases. This environment plus news from Japan of reopening travel with other Asia region economies was likely the reason why we saw further gains in the yen against the majors through the Asia and London trading sessions.

Broad risk sentiment flipped back to positive to knock the yen lower on news during the U.S. session from Gilead that remdesivir coronavirus treatment reduces risk of death.