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Sterling has been gaining ground on the success of the U.K. vaccine rollout, but will upcoming data shake things up?

Here’s what market watchers are expecting.

Employment data (Feb. 23, 7:00 am GMT)

  • Claimant count change to show 35K increase in joblessness for January
  • Average earnings index to improve from 3.6% to 4.1% for three-month period ending in December
  • Unemployment rate to tick higher from 5.0% to 5.1%
  • Better than expected results (ie. lower claimant count figure or higher average earnings index) could signal a recovery and boost GBP
  • Keep in mind, though, that stricter lockdown measures were imposed in the U.K. around December last year

Technical snapshot

  • Short-term moving averages shows that majority of GBP pairs are in bullish territory.
  • The bullish run on GBP/NZD is weakening while EUR/GBP and GBP/AUD are on bearish grounds.
GBP Pairs Moving Averages from MarketMilk
GBP Pairs Moving Averages from MarketMilk
  • Daily volatility over the last seven days shows that the pound moved the most against NZD at 116 pips, followed by GBP/AUD at 88.7 pips
GBP Pairs Volatility from MarketMilk
GBP Pairs Volatility from MarketMilk

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