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MetaQuotes, the company behind MT4 and MT5, continues to roll out fresh updates on their platforms. Here are the latest ones for MetaTrader 5.

In case you missed it, lemme tell you that MT5 has been made available through a web platform and iOS. This means that traders whose brokers offer this feature can be able to access their accounts through almost any laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Pretty cool for those always on the go, huh?

In their latest build for MT5 on iOS devices, MetaQuotes announced that it is now able to provide market statistics on various financial instruments traded in exchange execution mode.

This means that relevant information such as % price change, total volume, number of buy and sell orders, buy and sell volume, and average-weighed price can be viewed by opening the menu of any symbol through Market Watch and selecting ‘Statistics’.

MT5 iOS financial instrument statistics
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In the same iOS update, MetaQuotes also made trade actions such as losing, modifying and increasing the position volume, and opening the chart more convenient through a single tap on a position or pending order.

Prior to this, the company launched a new version of the MetaTrader 5 HFT platform which featured custom financial instruments. This enables the user to add any symbol, configure its settings, import price data, and view the resulting charts.

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As you’ve probably guessed, there’s an overwhelming amount of symbol parameters that can be configured, so the full list is available here.  To configure your custom symbol, copy the parameters of any similar instrument and modify them, making sure that the name DOES NOT match match any of the symbols provided by brokers to avoid confusion.

Strategies can be tested and optimized using these custom symbols and price history through the Strategy Tester option. Price history can be imported from any text file by choosing a symbol and clicking on the “Bars” tab then customizing the parameters in the import dialog box.

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The update also included the market depth information to an active chart, which means that traders don’t need to go through a few more clicks to view this data. This is also viewable through the MT5 mobile web platform.

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For more details on the latest build and features, check out this documentation from MetaQuotes.