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"If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?"
                                    William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice- (Act III, Scene I).

Commentary & Analysis
Deck chair shuffling on the Titanic! The Great Carnac Speaks…

I channeled with Carnac the Magnificent late last night (Shirley MacLaine was nice enough to let me sit in on her session). Who else I thought is better positioned to make sense of what is going on in Europe. You may remember that when Carnac spoke it was in rhyme, giving answers first, then the questions…here is what he shared with me:

A: Deck chair shuffling on the Titanic! Q: How do you summarize all the action by eurozone politicos to save the single currency experiment?

A: If they believe that, I have a bridge I want the Troika to consider. Q: Will Greece adhere to its pledge for new austerity measures?

A: Basic math doesn’t seem a strong suit when financial alchemy will suffice. Q: What about the $1.4 trillion alone in Italian debt; will the EFSF be big enough to cover that bill when it comes due?

A: They are close to taking their ball and going home; they have no incentive to play any longer. Q: Do you think German tax payers will continue to support the euro?

A: Daaah! When you build more houses than you have people their might just be a surplus inventory at some point. Q: Is Spain going the way of Greece, Ireland, and Portugal?

A: Those with free minds and who like free markets. Q: Who will be the winners if the euro single currency experiment craters?

A: All those politicos and socialists and busy bodies and CFR members who love to tell others how to think and live. Q: Who will be the biggest losers if the euro single currency experiment craters?

A: The world is full of dolts and promoters and people who don’t understand how global macro money flow works. Q: Can you explain why some expect the US dollar to fall when the single currency in Europe is in so much trouble?

A: They love to play head games. Q: Do you think China will come to rescue the eurozone as they suggested?

A: Because they love wasting US taxpayer money for the thrill of power and are controlled by CFR types. Q: Why is the IMF becoming so deeply involved in the eurozone crisis?

A: The Dolphins. Q: Which NFL team will get its first win on Sunday?

Wow; the Miami Dolphins? Never say never when the Great Carnac speaks!