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Day trading with the foreign exchange market is in some ways vastly different to that in other markets, in addition to which, day trading in the currencies market does not suffer from the unpleasant connotation that may spring to mind when one thinks of such things with relation to the stock market.

That said, if you have previously traded in other markets, then many items styles utilized in forex, such as forwards, futures, options, spread betting, contracts for difference and also the spot market are very similar to those used in the equity markets, and often maintain a minimum trade sizes for the base currencies.

It is worth noting however that day trading, being a fast moving, highly challenging trading style may not be for everyone. Should decide that day trading is for you, then there are also many different styles and variations of day trading with the currency market that you may wish to sample before choosing the form that feels right for you, or maybe you will prefer to utilize a series of styles.

The best way to learn the day trading styles with regards to forex markets is the same as in learning and perfecting any other trading style, or indeed other skill; by practice.

Talking to you forex trading mentor and other experienced day traders to see what styles have worked best for them over the years, ask for any hints, tips and techniques that may be of benefit and try them out before making the definitive choice of which trading style will be right for you.