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What is a cryptocurrency? How are they different from traditional currencies? What makes them so special?

Cryptocurrencies are now seen as financial assets that can be held as alternative investments. Learn why many consider crypto as a brand new asset class.

Meet Toshi Moshi, your friendly guide into the world of crypto.

Crypto has a steep learning curve and can be overwhelming. Rather than try to learn about the entire crypto market all at once, let’s start with Bitcoin!

What is Bitcoin? An introduction to the original cryptocurrency.

Why was Bitcoin created? Learn about the unique challenges of creating e a digital version of cash.

What is a distributed ledger? The first step to understanding how Bitcoin works is to become familiar with the concept of a “distributed ledger”.

What’s a network? Before we dig deeper into the details of the actual Bitcoin network, let’s take a step back first and review what a computer network is.

What exactly is a Bitcoin node? What does a Bitcoin node do? How does a Bitcoin node work?

In order to truly understand how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work, it’s crucial to first understand the concept of “hashing”.

Hashing is a mathematical operation that is easy to perform, but extremely difficult to reverse. Learn how it all works.

Let’s look at some examples of hashing and see how the hashing process works using an actual hash function.

Learn what Bitcoin mining is and understand why it’s needed to make the whole Bitcoin system work.

Learn about the mempool, a temporary storage area for pending transactions waiting to be confirmed.

Learn about a special type of Bitcoin nodes that do the crucial work of confirming transactions.

Bitcoin mining is required for new transactions to get added to the blockchain. Learn how this process works.

In order to send or receive bitcoins, you need to use a “wallet”. But what exactly is a Bitcoin wallet?

Learn what a seed phrase is and why it’s extremely important to keep it secret and safe.

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