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My day starts with a look at the U.S. Dollar Index for two reasons. First it’s a futures contract that I like to trade but second and just as important is the insight it offers into my forex trading.

So the discussion here is not only a look at the dollar but how you gauge where the dollar in heading depending upon your outlook which is essentially your time frame.

So here’s four looks at the dollar:

7-21-2009 6-16-42 PM.gif

The 30 minute chart with a lookback of about two weeks is showing that the current direction of the market is slightly distribution. A 30 minute time frame reflects a relatively short term psychology so if you consider that while looking at this next chart you’ll see the difference in not only direction but the overall sentiment it reflects.

7-21-2009 6-15-09 PM.gif

The trend here is markedly down…down…down..BUT it’s heading towards what could be a double bottom at 78.33. These are insights of a longer term intraday time frame. I am not going to demand that a 30 minute chart show me these types of set ups — like the potential double bottom — your analysis will reflect the time frame you are looking at as well as the amount of data you have on your chart. This should not be random; just as I put about two weeks on the 30 minute chart, there’s six weeks on the four hour chart. I will look at roughly four to six weeks on the 180 and 240 minute time frames.

Finally we come to the daily time frame which from a risk/reward standpoint may not be realistic for all traders to manage but does reflect the widest and probably most important psychology.

7-21-2009 6-15-59 PM.gif

The daily U.S. Dollar Index is slightly weak to neutral. While there is certainly weakness the downtrend has transitioned to more of a sideways market cycle.

Each one of these time frames of the same market, the dollar, reflects the psychology specific to that time frame. Consider this next time you hear a generalized comment like “the dollar’s in a downtrend..” and be sure to know what time frame is being talked about.

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