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Greetings, Earthlings!

After seeing a fierce clash of two mechanical trading systems last month, it’s time to bow down to the victor. For the month of November, our Best Forex Trading System is…

The Seagull System II by gerrylint!

Unlike the previous breakout system winners, the Seagull System aims to predict tops, bottoms, and potential trends. Gerrylint uses two 4-hour charts with the super trend signal (STS) indicator as well as the EMA (10) and RSI (12). His rules are fit for humans, too:

Seagull System

Entry: Buy (sell) when STS 8 or 18 on any one of the 4hr charts changes from red to green (green to red) and RSI is equal to or greater than 50 (49.9 and below).

Exit: Close trades when price goes above (below) EMA (10). Maximum stop loss is 50 pips.

Trade Adjustment: If the RSI doesn’t confirm the STS signals, wait for RSI to cross 50 and then place a 5-pip stop loss 5 pips below the low of the signal candle. For short trades, place the stop 8 pips above the high of the signal candle.

The Seagull System II looks like something that we did in RoboWorld pre-school so it should be easy for humanoids to follow. But informed you must be, folks, that gerrylint needs help in extracting his STS indicator. Can anyone here help him?

What does this mean for gerrylint?
First, your fellow human gets his system featured on the Best Forex Trading System badge on the homepage for an entire month.

Second, I, Robopip, will backtest and grade the system, to see if it is deserving of the prestigious title of “Holy Grail”.

Third, the Seagull System II will be enshrined into the Best Forex Trading System Hall of Fame, where he will now be in company with previous contest winners.

Lastly, gerrylint is now entitled to a $50 donation to one of our chosen charities.
Awesome, these rewards, are they not?

Submission for the December Best Forex Trading System Contest

Now that we enter the last month of your calendar year (where I am from, we do not bother counting months, because we live forever), let me formally open the submission period for the Best Forex Trading System for December.

Humans, this is your time to shine bright and find out what other traders think of your trading systems!

Just remember to go through and follow the rules and regulations of the contest. You don’t want to be disqualified because you missed a small detail, now do you?