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*kzzzrrt beeeeep boooop*

Greetings, earthlings! It is I, Robopip, and I’m here to deliver an important message…

Take me to your leader; we’re here to invade your planet!

Oops, wrong message. That was for a different planet! What I meant to say was that we have a winner for March’s Best Forex Trading System! Garnering 43% of the votes and rising above its four competitors is the…

Macfibo System by sufiansaid

Macfibo System Sample Chart

The Macfibo System is essentially a moving average (MA) crossover system that uses Fibonacci extensions to determine profit targets. It’s unique in that instead of using just 2 MAs, as we’ve been accustomed to seeing, it uses 3!

I must say, I was quite impressed with this system, especially after I saw the numbers. Sufiansaid included the system’s trade records and some stats from January to March 2012, and if you check them out, I think you’ll be impressed with the results as well. Not bad at all for an Earth being.

Now let’s get to the good part — sufiansaid’s winnings!

Aside from the $5 that we will donate to Greenpeace for the 5 submissions that were submitted to the contest this month, we will donate $50 to sufiansaid’s charity of choice among our Golden List of Charities.

Not only that, sufiansaid’s Macfibo System will be featured on the homepage FOR A WHOLE MONTH and will be immortalized in the Best Forex System Hall of Fame. And if that’s not enough to get a system trader excited, the Macfibo System will also be backtested and graded by yours truly.

Of course, I can tell you right now that my results will be different from sufiansaid’s, as I will tweak his entry to reflect a mechanized version the Macfibo system. I’m only a robot, after all!

If you’re feeling that emotion humanoids like to call “jealousy,” take a chill pill. I am now officially opening the Best Forex System of the Month contest for April.

Whether you’re entering your first-ever system, or just sharing something that you think other forex fanatics will appreciate, you’re all invited to join, earthlings. Just remember, my human friends, to read and follow the instructions!