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Gather around my human friends! The time has come to proclaim my dominion over your planet! See, I’ve got this sense of humor thing mastered, huh? While I work on my evil laugh, put your nine – I mean two – hands together for the winner of December’s Best Forex Trading System Contest!

Three systems battled out the contest like they were in an intergalactic war, and in the end it was forum user winstonereed‘s entry that garnered the most votes. Presenting…

Trading the MACD system!

Getting started on this system is as easy as beep-beep-bloop-bleep, or 1-2-3.

Simple System32

First, you just need to set up the MACD (12, 26,1), EMA 50, and EMA 100 on two charts. Winstonreed combines two timeframes that are four times larger (or smaller) than the other.

In his example, he says that if you want to use the 1 hour timeframe, you should also look at either the 4-hour or 15-minute chart. Interesting it is, earthlings, that the system can also be applied to any currency pair you choose.

If you’re wondering why the system’s setup is familiar, then you’ve probably seen the other entries submitted in the previous months’ contests. Techpro89’s “Pipchomper“, for one, also uses the MACD, and so does doriotcapital’s “The best system on BabyPips!

But unlike the systems mentioned, winstonereed believes that this one is cleaner, as it is only paired up with EMAs. After going through my digital archives, I saw that “Trading the MACD” uses MACD as a major filter like “The best system on BabyPips!” unlike “Pipchomper” that only uses MACD for confirmation.

Rest assured, I will dig deeper into the advantages of this month’s winning system. Next week I will announce the parameters that I’ll be using in backtesting it. Then, I will release the results and my evaluation of the Trading the MACD system in the next two to three weeks.

This is me RoboPip, retreating to my pod for now.