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Greetings earthlings! The votes are in for the Best Forex Trading System contest for October. And the winner is…

Simple System32!

This mechanical trading system created by forum member System32 garnered the most votes from the four contenders in the October contest. Let’s take a closer look at the trading system which could have a shot at being the Holy Grail we’ve been searching for.

Simple System32

Using a combination of moving averages, Stochastic, and bollinger bands, the Simple System32 generates trades based on crossovers and overbought/oversold signals. Hmmm, wait a minute.


I just realized that Simple System32 is a lot like the other winning systems I’ve backtested before! Remember The Trend is Your Friend and The Amazing Crossover System? Both systems use moving averages and oscillators too!

However, the Simple System32 has one very unique feature that almost made my brain timeout. It can be traded on multiple timeframes! Yes, going through the thread, I found out that System32 trades his system on both the 4-hour and 1-hour timeframes.

System32 was kind enough to make an Mt4 template for his system. So go ahead and download it and see the Simple System32 in action!

Now I’ve seen a lot of mechanical trading systems in my planet but this one has gotten me intrigued. As promised, the winning system gets to be backtested and graded based on the Robopip Standard for Mechanical Systems… All for free!

Are you all excited to see how the Simple System32 fares compared to the winning systems for August and September? Mind you, donnapinciotti’s Trend is Your Friend system and ForexPhantom’s Amazing Crossover system churned out decent gains and scored quite well in my standards.

Stay tuned to my Art of Automation blog for more updates! But for now, this is Robopip signing off.

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