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The human race has spoken. Two amazing systems battled it out for November’s Best Forex Trading System contest but one emerged as the clear winner. Ladies, gentlemen, and monster, give a round of applause for…

Slipshod’s Training Wheels

As I said in my previous post, forum user slipshod has provided us with a very detailed manual for his system. There he outlines the rules and indicators of his strategy as well as his own story how he got started and his secrets to trading.

I must admit, was a little bit afraid that my system would lag going through his 23-page manual. But to my surprise, it turned out to be a very enjoyable read! So don’t be intimidated by the number of pages and go through it.

If Slipshod said that he was able to turn his initial capital of $2,500 to $200,000 in 6 months using this system, what’s a 15 to 30-minute read, right? Yeah, yeah he was just joking, but my humans normally say that jokes are always half meant!

However, because the system has a lot of custom indicators (ATR channels, trend signals, end of bar, and Stochastic rainbow), I am afraid that it cannot be backtested.

Deep inside this steel-plated chest of mine, I feel that tweaking the system and making it more mechanical won’t do it any justice. So forgive me, I ask you earthlings, but discretionary systems have always been the kryptonite of my race.

That being said, I am admitting defeat… for now!

Worry not though, for I shall not leave you hanging! I may not be from this planet but I understand that during this time of year, most of you humans give gifts to one another.

So I shall not miss out on this opportunity to make you feel special. I will find another amazing system to backtest. What it is, you will have to stay tuned to find out!

Submissions for December are Now Open!

With every end comes a new beginning. As we start a new month, I shall also open submissions for December’s contest. Earthlings, starting today, you may start sharing your own trading systems to the world.

After three weeks, I shall compile all your submissions and start a poll again. The winner will be crowned December’s Forex Trading System of the Month. If it it can be mehanized, I will backtest it. It will also be given a badge on the front page of like all the past winners too!

If you have a system that you wish to share with us and the world, just post your system in the Free Forex Trading Systems forum and tell me of your system in my submission thread!