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Time’s up, humans! The votes are in and as it turns out, the winner of March’s Best Forex Trading contest is…


Pipsflowfx has been using the Skyplay System for over ten months now, and word on the street is that it actually has a 78% win-rate, despite limiting trades to just one per day. Pretty solid figures, but of course, I must dig deeper.

The system actually makes use of two time frames, the 5-minute and the 1-hour, with each chart using a variety of indicators including moving averages, MACD, TSI, and the Coral indicator. If all the signals do not line up, no position is established.

Here are some images of the Skyplay System in action:


Sample chart


Sample chart

For winning the Best Forex Trading System of the month contest, Pipsflowfx will be treated to the following prizes:

Once again, congratulations, Pipsflowfx!

Thanks to all who participated in this contest by submitting entries and voting. For those of you who weren’t able to get a piece of the fun, worry not because we’re officially launching the Best Forex Trading System contest for the month of April.

That’s right, earthlings! You can now submit your entries and share your awesome trading systems to be included in the April contest. Just make sure you follow the contest rules and regulations and post a link to your system in the Best Forex Trading System: April 2013 thread.

That’s all for now. Until next time, this is Robopip signing off! *kzzzrt!*