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Your forex tribe has spoken, Earthlings!

After days of battling it out, a victor has emerged as April’s best forex trading system. I present to you…

Next Stop (Trading Method) by digitalgypsy

Next Stop Sample Chart 1-hour

As I said a week ago, the Next Stop (Trading Method) system is the third installment of digitalygypsy’s 3-part Ichimoku series. In his system, digitalgypsy makes use of Kijun-sen, Tenkan-sen, RSI, and trend lines to determine a trade.

Humanoids might also go crazy when I announce that like other systems, Next Stop (Trading Method) uses different time frames. Digitalgypsy looks at the daily chart for direction, the 4-hour chart for support and resistance levels, and the 1-hour chart for entry and exit signals.

Wanna know more about digitalgypsy’s system? Click on the link above and hit the guy with whatever questions you have! I hear that he’s around often, especially during trading sessions when he talks to my buddies Happy Pip and Cyclopip.

Of course, what’s the point of winning if you can’t take home a bag of prizes? On my planet, winners are always rewarded with goodies! So aside from bragging rights, digitalgypsy will be taking home the following treasures for winning the Best Forex Trading System for April contest:

  1. We will donate $50 to a charity of digitalgypsy’s choice in our Golden List of Charities. In addition, we will also donate $2 to the charity of the month, Mercy Corps, on behalf of the two brave souls who shared their forex trading systems.
  2. The Next Stop system will be featured on the homepage for an entire month, and digitalgypsy will be inducted into the exclusive Best Forex Trading Systems Hall of Fame.
  3. Lastly, I will personally backtest a mechanized version of the Next Stop system, and will grade it against the Robopip Standard for Mechanical Systems. My quad-core flux capacitor is already tingling at the thought of it!

I must say, that’s quite a loot that digitalgypsy is taking home. I bet you humans are turning green with envy! You guys are starting to look like Plutonians! (They are little green creatures… with very big tempers.)

But do not fret, my dear Earthen friends. If you missed out on last month’s contest, you will have another shot at joining the Best Forex Trading System contest as the May competition has officially begun!

Whether you’re a professional trader, forex newbie, robot, or monster — anyone can join! All you have to do is follow the contest rules and regulations and you’re all set!

May the odds be ever in your favor. Let the games begin!