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“If foreign exchange is the “wild west” of trading, then forex traders are the cowboys. Forex traders are typically comfortable with a high degree of risk, lots of sleepless nights, caffeine, and constantly-blinking computer screens – but what other substantive qualities do they have in common?”

I think this is a very interesting look at our community. This also tells me that most forex traders are not necessarily interested in other markets and are rather focused which puts me in a quandary regarding much of what I teach and encourage traders to do regarding my Forex Market Pulse futures contracts. Is it important? I believe it is. But is the message being heard? Perhaps not.

What’s another great stat here is just how many traders are home-based! The mobile trading lifestyle and the tools that allow it (iPhones, netbooks, iPads, etc.) are even more important and it drives home one idea I have always believed: Trading is as much about the lifestyle and freedom as it is about making a living!

Another important stat is regarding education. And with BabyPips leading the charge with not only the best course – but the best free forex educational course online, there is all the more reason to see this 54% increase. Forums and Blogs account for 38% and 33% respectively and explains why BabyPips is such a popular destination for the new and experience forex trader. Our attitude here is not only entertaining but fun-loving but the information is all business.

Anatomy of a Trader

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