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The last trading week of the month means we gotta step up our game to get those last-minute profits!

I’m looking at Nike, Brent crude, and EUR/AUD’s daily charts for opportunities.

What do you think?

Nike, Inc.: Daily

Nike, Inc. Daily Chart

Nike, Inc. Daily Chart

Nike, Inc. (NKE) has been on a downtrend since late 2021 when the stock got rejected from the $175.00 levels.

The stock is now trading inside a descending channel but has found enough support to form a possible Double Bottom pattern.

Watch out for the $120.00 zone that lines up with the channel resistance and is also not far from the 100 SMA.

Bulls can take advantage of the current upswing and buy NKE until it hits the bigger inflection points. Meanwhile, bears can wait for the first red candlesticks before trading with the (down)trend.

Brent Crude Oil: Daily

Brent Crude Oil Daily Chart

Brent Crude Oil Daily Chart

Can Brent crude oil extend its uptrend? UKOIL is sporting a possible Morning Star pattern around the $110.00 area, yo!

As you can see, $110.00 lines up with the daily chart’s 100 SMA. Stochastic’s oversold signal isn’t hurting Brent crude’s bullish prospects either.

Watch out for the appearance of more green candlesticks, which would point to a possible move back up to the $125.00 previous resistance levels or even a trip to the $135.00 highs.

If you see UKOIL breaking below the 100 SMA, though, then you gotta be prepared for a retest of the $100.00 area of interest or even the $95.00 zone near the 200 SMA!

EUR/AUD: Daily

EUR/AUD Daily Forex Chart

EUR/AUD Daily Forex Chart

Can’t get enough of forex plays? Check out EUR/AUD’s breakout opportunity!

The pair is trading inside an ascending triangle, which is interesting enough even before we note that the triangle’s resistance is near a major area of interest in 2021 AND the 200 SMA on the daily time frame.

Is that a possible inflection point or what?

EUR bears are still successfully defending the 1.5250 triangle resistance but you gotta make sure you’re around if/when the pair dips to the triangle support or breaks above the resistance zone that we’re watching.