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We had 3 trades entered this week. I always go for just 10 pips, but I also have aggressive targets for those looking for more. So, in my review I post if 10 pips were hit, then what happens if you were going for the second target instead (assuming you were asleep and didn’t move your stop breakeven after hitting the first target).

Day Pair First Target Second Target

Monday AUD/USD +10 +19

Tuesday EUR/JPY No Trade No Trade

Wednesday EUR/JPY +10 -35

Thursday USD/JPY -26 -26

TOTAL -6 -41

I felt good about all the trades except for the USDJPY. I knew I there news coming out of Japan when I put up the Pick, but I didn’t think the news would cause the pair to shoot upwards like it did. Another lesson learned. Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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