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Excellent! Two Earthlings have submitted entries for June’s Best Forex Trading System contest.

Now it’s time for you to come forth and vote for the system which you think is the supernova!

1. Just odds by luigy

The philosophy behind the system is simpler by a light year compared to Fembots (your version of females in my home planet).

Luigy believes that you can make money in the forex market by having the odds stacked up to your favor. Upon noticing that currencies tend to trend, he decided to create a system that would allow him to jump in on pairs that have a higher chance of trending than those which are likely to reverse.

He applies the Heiken Ashi indicator on the daily timeframe to see whether or not a pair is on a trend. From there, he zooms into the 4-hour timeframe and looks at the EMAs and RSI to see if they coincide with the overall trend.

Go give his system out a try! According to him, it works best on the major pairs because they offer lower spreads!

2. 3 Little Pigs Trading System by harmonicphil

The 3 Little Pigs Trading System also generates swing trades as it focuses on the higher timeframes, namely: Weekly, Daily, and 4-hour.

There is an SMA assigned to each timeframe. The idea is to enter a swing trade once the 55 SMA on the weekly, 21 SMA on the daily, and 34 SMA on the 4-hour line up.

That’s it! Harmonicphil also cites the ATR as a component in his system although it is only utilized for exit purposes.

You can read more about The 3 Little Pigs system by checking out Harmomicphil’s thread!

There you have it Earthlings! The poll is now open for you to vote for the system which you think deserves to be June’s Best Forex Trading System. Hurry, you only have until midnight of July 8 to vote!