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Two trading systems are going head to head in July Best Forex Trading System Contest. Come forth and vote for whichever you think deserves the crown!

1. Daily Crossover System by ForexPhantom

If you are a big fan of swing trades, ForexPhantom’s Daily Crossover System may just make your human heart skip a beat.

As its name suggests, it generates signals when moving averages cross over each other. I downloaded ForexPhantom’s template myself and found out that he uses SMA 4 and SMA 1.

According to its creator, the system can reel you in a truck load of pips averaging from 1,000 to 4,000 regardless of any pair you trade. Sounds promising, eh? Wouldn’t you try it out for yourself?

2. 4H Scalping Method by NickB

The other contender is the 4H Scalping Method by NickB, which was submitted by forum member marypippins123. This particular system has actually been popular among the community for quite some time now and phil838 was kind enough to summarize the system rules in this forum thread.

This system is applied on GBP/JPY‘s 4-hour time frame using absolutely no indicators at all! Yep, that’s right, the system just makes use of swing highs and lows on the chart, which he calls scalp lines. Entry orders and exit levels are based on these lines, which makes the system relatively easy to implement.

So, which system deserves to win the crown as the Best Forex Trading System of the Month? It’s up to you, dear humans! Polls are already open and you have until midnight of August 5 to cast your votes.

At stake is a homepage badge, an entry in the Hall of Fame of Past Winners, and a chance to have the system tweaked and backtested by yours truly!