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Welcome to the first Best Forex Trading System contest of 2013! This month, we’ve got two entries to choose from.

The first entry was submitted by the system creator himself, while the second was nominated by a fellow forum user. One thing they have in common, however, is that they both systems have bold claims!

One is supposedly an “almost perfect” swing trading system and the other is allegedly a “never fail” system. Which of them do you think deserves to win the title?

1. (ALMOST) Perfect Swing Trading System by pipcompounder

pipcompounder’s entry isn’t a mechanical trading system, but rather a theory that he has come up with on GBP/NZD. He observed that the pair tends to respect ranges and trend line on the 4-hour and daily charts.

He hasn’t quite come up with a strict set of rules yet, but he recommends the use of the Demark Trend Line indicator and crossovers of the 8 and 17 SMAs. Have any questions for him? Join the discussion in his forum thread!

2. High Risk, Never Fail System by windsorftw

I know, I know… The name of the system can be quite confusing. How can a system never fail and yet be high-risk? Despite this, the system seems to be garnering quite a bit of attention in the forums in the past few weeks.

The system, which is developed by windsorftw, makes use of the 5-minute time frame and trades the two most liquid pairs, EUR/USD and GBP/USD. But unlike most systems, it only trades the Asian session. It uses the following indicators to generate buy and sell signals: the 5-period EMA, the 13-period EMA and the 14-period Williams Range %.

windsorftw claims that it’s extremely high-risk and low-yielding, but it NEVER EVER fails. Do you think it’s too good to be true? You be the judge of that!

So, which system do you think is better? Cast your vote in the poll below! Voting will end on February 6, 2013. Feel free to give your feedback too in the comments section below!