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Greetings, humans! I know the New Year’s festivities may already be over for you, but who says the noise-making has to stop too?

Voting for December’s Best Forex Trading System Contest is now officially open!

Whose system will the community be celebrating next?

We have three submissions for the month and here they are:

1. Trading the MACD by winstonereed

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a swing or day trader, I’m sure this system will tickle your fancy! According to forum user winstonereed, you can apply the Trading the MACD system on ANY timeframe as long as you combine it with a timeframe that is four times greater (smaller). In his example, he focuses on the 4-hour timeframe and checks out the hourly timeframe as well.

2. *****Slap System by DrPepperJunkie

DrPepperJunkie has been testing out his system which makes use of EMAs and ATR on EUR/USD. It can be applied on all timeframes, but scalpers may find it more appealing as its creator says that it seems to work especially well on the 5-minute chart. Would you vote for it?

3. Jolly Ranger Trading System by littlebopip

Dread ranging markets? Fret no more, humanoid! Littlebopip might just have figured out how to trade the market when it is in consolidation with her Jolly Ranger Trading System.

According to her, you only need to apply two oscillators (ADX and Stochastic) on the daily timeframe of USD/CAD and you’re good to go!

Three amazing systems, but there can only be one winner. So vote wisely, earthlings! Remember, you only have until January 10, 2012 (Tuesday) to vote for a system.

Once a winner is chosen, then I, Robopip, will personally backtest and grade the system.