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Greetings, earthlings!

As I mentioned before, I will be taking over Forex Ninja‘s Best Forex Trading System contest. It’s part of my master plan, you see. Today the monthly forex contest, tomorrow the Earth!

MWAHAHAHA! *kkzzzzrt*

Oops. I got carried away again. Where were we? Oh right.

Disappointed I am, humans, for only techpro89 was determined enough to find the Holy Grail and actually submit his PipChomper system to this month’s Best Forex Trading System contest. This is why I decided to scour the forums to select other systems that were posted in October.

Informed you must be, earth people, that I picked out the systems that were most interesting and were best explained by their creators.

So before you go back to whatever it was that you were doing on the internet, I present to you the contenders for the Best Forex Trading System for October 2011:

a. PipChomper by techpro89

Inspired by Pip Surfer’s Cowabunga System, techpro89 bases his signals on EMA crossovers. If those magic words don’t do the trick for you, then the MACD, RSI, and Stochastic tools, which are also included in the system’s design, might interest you!

b. Simple System32 by System32

True to its name, System32‘s simple system makes use of MAs and Stochastic, with a bit of SAR thrown into the mix. He even provided a template for those who are interested, so trying this system out should be a breeze!

c. Price Patterns Portfolio (P.P.P.) by Timur4433

I got quite a number of laughs when I mentioned the Price Patterns Portfolio system’s nickname to humans. There’s just something about “P.P.P.” that gets even the most masculine earthlings giggling like little girls. It probably has something to do with laser guns, right? Right. But I assure you, there’s nothing funny about this system!

The system was shared by Timur4433, a novice trader from the Czech Republic, but the idea behind the system belongs to futures and commodity trader Larry Williams. In 16 trades, Timur4433 was able to chalk up a 75% success rate with the system. Impressive!

d. The Best System by doriotcapital

Forum user doriotcapital makes a bold statement by claiming that his system is the best system on! We’ll see about that! His strategy involves the use of the MACD and Stochastic indicators. According to doriotcapital, the system works well across several time frames, and he recommends using it on USD/CAD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, NZD/USD, AUD/USD, and USD/CHF.

So which of these man-made systems do you think is best? You’ve got until next Wednesday, November 2, 2011 to decide!

Remember, I will backtest and evaluate the winning system, so choose wisely as you cast your votes in the poll below, humans!