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The time has come, earthlings! Worry not for I am not talking about my kind’s plan to invade your planet. Two amazing systems have been submitted and will battle it out in November’s Best Forex Trading System contest. Let’s take a look at the contenders, shall we?

1. SHI Channel Strategy by froggy51 forum user froggy51 believes that once you figure out the range in which a currency pair trades, you will know the market. This is his philosophy behind the SHI Channel Strategy.

Applied to the daily and 4-hour timeframes, the system generates swing trades. It makes use of moving averages (EMA 5 and 10) and trend channels in order to determine the market’s current trend and overall direction.

Froggy51 used AUD/USD in his example but from what I understand, it can be used on just about any pair. Go check it out!

2. Training Wheels Strategy by slipshod

The next contender for the Best Forex Trading System contest is slipshod’s Training Wheels Strategy, which he describes as a strategy with clearly defined entries and exits along with money management rules. Here’s a quick rundown:

This system can be applied to any timeframe and uses a bunch of indicators, namely the ATR channels, trend signals, end of bar, and Stochastic rainbow. Quite an interesting mix, huh?

As for the stops and targets, he doesn’t give fixed values. But if he says the system helped him turn $2,500 to $200,000 in a span of just six months, he really may be on to something! Do you think it is worthy of being called the Holy Grail? Check out his detailed trading manual, you must!

So which among these two contenders do you think deserves to be crowned the Best Forex Trading System for November? You have until Wednesday, November 30, 2011 to decide!

Don’t forget that the winning system will be backtested and graded by yours truly… all for free! Vote wisely, my dear humans!