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Once again, we’ve got two outstanding systems that will be put to the test. Interestingly enough, both systems make use of price action while trying to make the system as nondiscretionary as possible.

Which one deserves to be crowned the Best Forex Trading System for May? Humans, time to make your voices heard!

Experimental Price Indecision

by SithJawa

First of all, let me give forum user SithJawa a robotic high 5 for the VERY detailed explanation of his system. Rare it is, that I have seen such meticulousness and detail in a trading plan. As Big Pippin has been trying to teach me to say, “Props to you, human.”

As the name, SithJawa’s Experimental Price Indecision system tries to take advantage of price indecision by identifying pin bars and morning/evening star formations.

Make sure you go through his thread for examples of some signals that his system has produced.

Forex Price Action

by Johnathan Fox

If you think that trading based on price action is about to become extinct like the prehistoric dinosaurs on your planet, then you should definitely read Johnathon’s thread.

Unlike many other systems, Johnathon goes back to basics as he does not use any indicators. Instead, he points out clear chart patterns. Think price action trading is for you? Go ahead and give him a warm human greeting in his thread!

So which of the two systems above will you most likely use? Read carefully and decide, human. I shall give you until Tuesday, June 5, 2012, to determine the winner for May.

Remember, you must, Earthling, that the winning system will be mechanized and backtested by yours truly. In addition to that, the winning system’s creator will also be featured on the Best Forex System Hall of Fame AND have his own badge at the home page that can be seen from as far away as my home planet!

Need I remind you that the contest is also for a good cause? The winner gets to donate $50 to a charity of his choice among the Golden List of Charities in the You Trade, We Aid campaign!

There you have it, Earth beings. Unleash your trading mojos and support your preferred system!